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When your seas boil, and your winds throw cars at corn fields


The day before I left Bali, I was driving down the road in my scooter, throttle all the way down. I started approaching this turn and hit the break. I didn't think I would be able to stop before the brick wall. I didn't realize how fast I was going. A car was coming around the turn. I slammed the scooter breaks over a pile of loose rocks that threw my back tires out from under me spinning me in a circle until my tires hit the curb and I flew into the rice field.

Thankfully the soft grass caught my rolling body. I popped my head up from the tall leaves to see my boyfriend running towards me with hope in his eyes. I stood up looking for scratches, shocked that I had a minor scrape on my wrist. I pulled my bike out of the water with the help of a few strangers wondering how I would explain the damage of my dismantled bike. Seconds later, I hear my name calling from the mound of people standing by. I look up to the man who rented me the scooter, eyes wide. Well, I guess I wouldn't have to explain what happened. He saw the entire thing. Out of everyone in Bali to witness what happened it was the man who rented me his bike.

My boyfriend and I burst out laughing un controllably, partly at the irony of this entire thing, partly out of total shock for the lack of damage to my body. The next day, I was reading a poem to my boyfriend when I stopped at the line, "when your seas boil, and your winds throw cars at corn fields, I will wait patiently for you to catch my eye, so that both of us can laugh." The universe has an interesting way of communicating to us. There are no coincidences. I surrendered in that moment and simply listened to the message in front of me. I was safe. I was cared for. Mother Earth was with me and I could trust a little bit harder 📷 Anxiety left. Fear dissipated. And I knew what I had to do. Trust. And know what I will be cared for no matter where I am. So I leaned in and booked my flight back home.

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