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Whose Truth?

Just because something becomes our truth, doesn’t mean it has to become everyone’s truth.

We all get passionate about different things. For some, it’s art and creativity, for others it’s the environment, for others it’s animals and eating vegan, for others it’s personal growth and evolution, for others it’s body health and nature.

We are all so unique. All on different journeys of evolution. And we all move through similar phases of evolution in completely different ways. There is no one single path to this end destination that quite possibly begins again as it ends. We are all here to learn completely different things.

And if someone believes something different than you, let them. They don’t need your permission, but they could use your compassion.

Our belief systems shape our identity and over time they change, which means our identity shifts. It’s actually natural and normal. It means we are growing. It’s also quite important to acknowledge the shifts and detach from a strict set belief system. Identity gives us security as it’s most basic function, but identity is also fluid. So as we start becoming more aware of ourselves and more in touch with love, our truth naturally lands in our being. We stop searching out there and begin looking within. And we equally stop trying to change others who aren’t interested. We simply engage with those who are excited and passionate about changing the world (through changing ourselves) in the ways that inspire us & move full force down the path of revolution with our ride or die.

Life becomes exciting that way. It’s less about argument and more about compassion. Surround yourself with an environment your can flourish in and find your own inner alignment. We are all in this together 🌹

Wild Heart Fall 2021 🪶



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