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Wild Woman: You Were Born To Be Unapologetically Alive

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Wild Woman,

You were born to be unapologetically alive, enriched with self love, powered with the beat of your heart, guided by the whispers of your inner voice.

You were meant to sync with the cycles of the moon, to create using magic, to learn from the wisdom of the woman who have come before you. And somewhere along the way, humanity’s focus shifted. We took a place with an abundance of resources and commoditized everything we could until we learned what it truly meant to be scarce. And in that scarcity, we learned how to compete. How to get “ahead”. How to “win” at the race in a game we’ve built. And we lost the little spark of magic that makes being a human so special.

We’ve lost the ability to operate in harmony, in unity, in community. We’ve lost the ability to love and support one another in abundance. And in a world that is no longer built for abundance, it’s not only possible, it’s completely essential to come back to the realization that we are in this together.

Three sisters came together from opposite sides of the world with the same vision for humanity. We see the world now and see what it could be. And at the root of it all, we truly believe it is the essence of the WILD woman that will create the humanity we are seeking.

We are your WildlyWoven Guides and we have invited a tribe of Wild Woman to join us in Tulum for a week of awakening the Wild Woman within.

Each day we will be diving into the Chakras bringing the shadows to light, opening up a space for manifestation to arise, spiritual connection to deepen, and trust to form using yoga, writing, dance, meditation, breathwork, ritual, ceremony, authentic connection, all layered with our Wild Woman practices.

If you haven’t been personally invited and you resonate with the calling of the Wild Woman, this is your opening to reach out and connect.

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