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YOU Are The Essence of Life

Hey beautiful,

I had a revelation recently about your feminine power. And I don't want you to ever forget it. YOU are the ESSENCE of life. Without the feminine energy, the masculine doesn't exist. Without the feminine, source to life is missing. Without you, the world would stop.

Think about a glass of water. The water is the feminine energy, the cup is the masculine structure containing that water. The water is the essence of the glass of water but it is just free flowing water without the glass. Both are essential to this union, but in different ways. The feminine energy is about "essence" and about "being;" the masculine energy is about "containing" and "shaping." Our being is the essence of life. What we create in this life is layered upon that essence. We thrive when we magnify the essence of who we are. We thrive when we have the best toolset to live out the essence of our lives. Start with WHO you are and then work on your toolset of WHAT you desire to create.

With the feminine, the masculine doesn’t exist. Both are essential. None better than the other. It is important to be connected to the essence of life. It is our being. Our source. The feminine energy is so powerful because of this. One cannot function without the other but the masculine wouldn’t exist without the feminine. It is the most life giving energy on the planet. Don't ever forget how powerful you are. YOU are the essence of LIFE.



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