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You Can Only Connect the Dots Looking Backwards; Alignment In- Between the Lines

A year ago, I realized I wasn’t happy at a job that I had worked towards my entire life. I pictured myself being in an important position at a large company dressed in a suit leading a team. This was something I saw successful people doing and at 18, I linked their success and happiness to my own. If they are successful in this, I will be too. When I was young that sounded like a dream, but in reality something was missing.

A few years into my career, I saw myself in that suit, in a great job at a large company, completely lifeless. I felt lost and confused. My job was draining my of all my energy, I wasn’t inspired by the people around me and I was further demotivated. Eventually, I realized I needed to make a change. So I did, serendipitously.

Here is the masculine version of the story.

My mentor connected me with a guy who was building a nonprofit and looking for someone who was great with managing money and people. Those were my two best strengths. Alignment.

I started helping him that week and in the process started surrounding myself with passionate people who loved what they were doing with their lives. It gave me confidence and raised my vibration energy, which attracted more and more change makers into my life. A month into working with him, Mercedes Benz stadium called and said they wanted us to host the event in the newest football stadium in America. I created the Fan Experience for that stadium a year prior while I was working in my corporate job. Alignment.

We created a massive successful event, changed hundreds of lives, and took a congratulations trip to India. On that trip, I met a group of people all in the same Mastermind. I applied for and joined the mastermind a week later. I had a deep desire to meet them in person and 3 months later a few of the members were meeting up in Estonia, my home country, for a conference. Alignment.

I had never visited my relatives before and deeply desired to connect with my roots so I booked a flight and attended this conference alongside the Mastermind group. This conference ended up being a coaching conference around spirituality and something I have been wanting to do my entire life. Alignment.

During that month long conference, I was surrounded by hundred of coaches and suddenly felt that I didn't have to wait until I was in the second half of my life to start coaching. I could do it NOW. On my way home from Europe, my flight was cancelled and I was stranded in the airport for 6 days. During this time, I decided that I would start my coaching business the day I arrived in America. Also during that time, my roommate bought a cat and our landlord gave us 30 days to vacate. Alignment.

I arrived in America, had 30 days to find a new place to live, and 30 days to get this business up and running. My mastermind group all decided to move to Barcelona together and open up a co-living space during this 30 day timeframe so we could all work together. Alignment.

I packed up my life, headed to Burning Man and then moved to Barcelona, officially reaching my dream of "becoming" a digitally nomadic coach. From an outsiders perspective, this entire thing looked crazy. But internally I knew it was all happening for me and not to me. While I was there, I was living life successful life coaches, marketers, web designers, and I gained clarity on how coaching business are run, web design, and marketing. Alignment.

Something was also calling me to Bali so I decided to plan a women's circle in Bali for November. I intended on staying for a few weeks and ended up staying for a few months. Why? Click here is the feminine version of my Bali story.

To wrap this up, it took months of following my intuition and soul searching to realize what I felt the entire time but wasn't giving myself permission to do. I knew I loved coaching since I learned the term in 2011. I had been learning about personal growth since 7th grade when I was introduced to it in a leadership class. But I didn't think this was a career. It wasn't something I saw my parents or friends parents doing. So I took the traditional route. And soon my soul started yelling over the sound of my mind. Soon my soul started finding her voice. Started standing up for herself. And tamed the tune of my mind. Until they started working in harmony. And I found inner alignment. Once I decided, life started falling into place. It started to make sense. The universe started moving with me instead of against me. And now I listen to her. I let her speak. I realize that she truly wants me to be happy. And my ego is starting to trust her too. It is a process.

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