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You Have All the Answers Inside

In the past, whenever I would meet a romantic interest, I would introduce him to my friends to find out if he fits in, invite him to a family dinner and get opinions, and externally seek the validation I needed from others. I did this repeatedly out of fear of being in the wrong relationship. Why was I even thinking about that? And why did I need validation like that?

There was one simple reason. Lack of self trust. I deeply respect every man I have dated and I was fortunate enough to have amazing relationships. Some of them were better fits for me than others naturally. In college, I remember asking my brother what he thought of my new boyfriend and hearing a response similar to, I don’t know, I am not the one dating him so why do you care what I think. For me, I did care. I didn’t trust myself enough to choose. I felt that my emotions could get in the way of making a logical decision…? In a romantic relationship… ? And back then, I saw that as an issue. I felt I could have an emotional connected to infinite people but if it didn’t logically work, then what was the point? What I didn’t realize was that love IS emotional. And even moreso, it IS okay to make emotional decisions.

Three years ago, I stopped allowing other people to give their opinion on my relationships and this year, it transferred to every area of my life. No one else can tell you who you should date, what you should do with your life, and how you should live. YOU are the best source of information for what you do and how you live your life. You have all of the answers inside. Allow yourself to trust that. Everything you need is inside. Trust yourself. Get to know yourself deeply. Your emotions are the key to your soul. Your mind is there as a tool. Use them as such.

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