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Liberate Your WILD Embodied Leadership

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Life is a dance between what you want most and what you fear most


The ultimate 8-week rewilding container designed for the woman ready to embody her full feminine leadership potential, express her message to the world powerfully, and reclaim her WILD.

*Academy Opens September 21

“Good God woman, we need you creating. Because a woman who creates is a woman who feels and a woman who feels is a woman who moves and a woman who moves? Well she changes this damn world just by existing.”

- Brooke Solis

Even though Chelsae is a generation younger than me, she has a brilliant business sense, visionary mind, and she truly gets me and believes in me.  This last piece is priceless.  I've had so many coaches try to sell me on their program, and I felt like just a number.  Chelsae pours her heart and soul into our sessions together. Chelsae is an angel in my life, I am glad to call her my sister, my community member, my coach, and my friend.  

Debra Mazer,
Raw Food Chef & Life Coach

What She Says >

Who This Is For



This is for the woman who has been primarily operating from her masculine energy and feels the pull to shift into a feminine path of creation. 

There are 7 major Jungian feminine archetypes and we will be touching on many of them, yet focusing on the essence of the Wild Woman, as she is the key to liberation. 

As you dive into your relationship to the archetypes, you will start to access dormant parts of yourself that were deemed unacceptable or impossible or uncharacteristic, in order to expand into the fullest version of your Divine Feminine nature. 



This Is For You If You Ever...


The Shadow of the Feminine:

  • Find yourself people pleasing and putting others’ needs first to your own detriment

  • Feel disconnected from your sensuality and/or creativity 

  • Struggle to state your desires or know what you want

  • Feel judged by others and shrink yourself to fit in

  • Use your sexuality to validate your self worth

  • Find yourself not able to get along with women without feeling envious

  • Attract codependent partnerships 

  • Struggle to take action on the things you want most and let fear take over

  • Struggle to set or honor your boundaries or cross them to make things work

  • Find yourself pushing to get the things you want, sometimes ignoring your intuition


Embodying The Wild Woman Can Help You...

Speak your truth regardless of what others think

Tune into your body and march to the beat of her own drum

Express your needs and honor your boundaries fully creating space for clarity of purpose

Equally balance responsibility and inner freedom

Act on your intuition versus moving for people’s approval

Stand in your power without fearing the spotlight

Release shame around sexuality and develop healthy expression

Transform your relationship to yourself and improve intimate relationships

Shift you from being your enemy to your best friend


THE EMBODIED LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is an 8 - week coaching container for those ready to...


Up-level your life with more confidence, magnetism, authenticity, feminine power, and a deeper connection to your body through reclaiming a healthy, powerful expression of femininity


RISE and serve humanity and the personal transformation of others through powerful space holding.

Confidently step into your life’s purpose and take inspired actions to take it powerfully forward.

Use movement, meditation, & embodiment practices to create WILD expression and create a powerful presence.

Practice honoring your needs and boundaries while getting in touch with and speaking desires reigniting a burning passionate desire inside.


Let yourself be seen in the world and share your innate gifts with confidence.


Hone your natural leadership ability from an unapologetically authentic place & OWN who you are with ease, grace, and flow.


Tap into deep creativity, presence and access the feeling of infinite possibility by intimately embodying your divine feminine nature.


Courageously access deeper layers of your heart, unveiling vulnerability, sacred self love and authentic self expression.


Connect to your intuition in a way that creates clarity and trust on your path.


Create juicy, harmonic relationships in your life with your family, your friendships, your romantic partner, your purpose and with yourself through vulnerability.


Connect to your deepest longing and step into total personal sovereignty.

... so you can step into your power, activate your VOICE, and liberate your soul as a wild woman.

This is your invitation to feel supported in catalyzing the next rite of passage in your personal evolution.


It's time to RISE.


There is nothing more powerful in this world than a wildly expressive woman who embodies her dreams with an open heart. She's a rare species on this planet. Women's voices have been cut off for centuries, their sexuality shunned and exploited, their intuitive gifts dismissed. Most of us have been raised in masculine societies that didn't give us the foundation for feminine leadership. There is a need for balance among both men and women. 


This is a safe container to unleash the wild feminine. A space to grow. And a structure to evolve. A woman who is courageous, sovereign, purposeful, open in her heart, and is able to articulate her honest truth, can create worlds. I am here as the expander and facilitator leading you home to your wild divine feminine nature. ​

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Liberate Your WILD Embodied Leadership

Tuesdays 7PM EST Group Container

Thursdays 11AM FB Live w/ Guests


Phase 0:
Opening Ceremony

Invocation & Introductions.

Be seen & heard for your expression. Rituals & Soulplay.

Meet your pods.

Phase 1:
Your Body is a Temple

Create safety and presence in the body. Discover your edges with REWILD Embodiment. Begin the belief system dieta to reprogram the mind & complete the trigger management practices.


Phase 2:
Power Rises in Pleasure

Tap into your inner creativity, presence and possibility by accessing your divine feminine nature. Hone your emotional intelligence, awaken the kundalini's magnetic frequency, come home to your natural cycles in pleasure. 

Phase 3:
Reclaiming Sovereignty

Hold and take up space in this world powerfully, embody the queen you are, heal your inner masculine, honor your sovereign no and your sacred yes, walk the stages to empowerment, gain belief that what you are doing matters.


Phase 4:
Allowing Love to Lead

Courageously access deeper layers of your heart, unveiling vulnerability, sacred self love and authentic expression. Learn a unique method for overcoming triggers, dance with the shadows, and heal the inner masculine and feminine within.

Phase 5:
Expressive Liberation

Develop and experience authentic communication through resonance in the body. Express radical openness, recognize repression, activate the voice, share empowering stories, lean into vulnerability.


Phase 6:
Manifesting Miracles

Recognize the voice of your intuition, lean into the unknown, trust in divine synchronicity, magnetize your dreams to you by embodying your inner wild, trust the truth of your heart and reveal it directly, 

Phase 7:
Embodied Leadership

New Earth Leadership is about being raw and authentic. Our world will soon be rooted in a Feminine Economy. The world needs feminine leaders. Hone your leadership essence, hold powerful space, & put yourself out there in the world, with the support of your sisterhood.

Phase 0:
Guest Speaker

YOU are the guest speaker this week. Introduce yourself live in our group. Get familiar with your pods & your new sisterhood.


Phase 1:
Guest Speaker

Primal Movement Activation with

Haazel Elledge

(Embodiment Facilitator)

Phase 2:
Guest Speaker

Tantric Temple with 

Marin San Marina

(Tantric Practitioner)


Phase 3: 
Guest Speaker


Owning Your Self Worth

With Eddie Evolves

(Founder of Ecstatic Evolution)

Phase 4:
Guest Speaker



Secrets of the Shadow with

Meggan Ellman

(Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master)


Phase 5:
Guest Speaker


Conscious Communication & Conflict

with Stephanie Dickinson

(Authentic Relating Trainer)

Phase 6:
Guest Speaker

Manifestation Magic

with Yahli Rashi

(Founder of


Phase 7:
Closing Ceremony

Closing the Portal Party


Emergence Immersion Online

Over 15 Speakers on Authentic Expression

(Hosted by Me & our Chrysalis team)

Wildly Woven Retreat

Liberate Your WILD Embodied Leadership in Tulum, Mexico
4 Day Wild Woman Embodiment Experience
December, 2021



Hi queen,

I see you, beautiful.

You are a woman with incredible capacity. I see you working hard. I see you going after what you want. You are a queen. I truly see you.


You are diving into your career and you are making it happen. You’re taking on the world, yet it’s at the expense of your joy and freedom. You feel this tug inside and maybe a small part of you knows there is more. You have been running like an energizer bunny and working so hard, yet deep down you know you are ready for a shift. 

Instead of feeling free, you’re feeling controlled and caged, knowing there is this incredible potential inside of you that isn't being activated. You can FEEL that you are meant for more, but you can't quite see it. And the fear of the unknown is keeping you stuck. That voice inside is so faint and the opinions of everyone else are getting louder. 

And on top of it all you are doing personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts, but wondering why it still feels the same.

What you are really craving is a guide who truly has been there and a community of women who are expanding in the same way you are. You want to serve more people and create a wider impact through attracting the energy you put you into the world stemming from self confidence and self worth. You want to enjoy a powerful, abundant, balanced life. You want to make a difference without sacrificing what you need to be happy.

All of this is possible… and it doesn’t have to take years to get there. 

It's not a coincidence that you came across this page. Just by being here you are on the right path. Your soul is ready for the next level. You are being activated into what you came here for. SHE is ready.

She has been waiting for you to see her, to listen to her, to feel her. She wants you to know the sound of her whisper, to feel the pull of intuition, to ignite her radiant power. She will set you free. Once you trust her.




What You Will Receive

  • 8 weeks of intimate group embodied leadership training (2 hours per week)

  • 6 guest speakers each giving powerful embodiment practices live (1 hour per week)

  • Weekly peer-led pods to assist in emotional processing and space holding (1 hour per week)

  • An end of the year Wild Woman Retreat off the grid in Tulum (optional)

  • The Embodied Leadership Workbook with integration soul-work to deepen your & shift

  • Access to the content for life online 

  • Opening & closing ceremonies to the program 

  • Curated playlists

  • A private online community to stay connected in sacred sisterhood 

  • BONUS: Free Access to our “Emergence Immersion” full day event with over 15 coaches speaking on Embodying Your Inner Power



Fear and empowerment are two sides of the same coin. They dance together. We increase our

Trust Yourself.


If you're here reading this, there's a good chance that you're ready to go all in with yourself. You're ready for a major shift. 

You want to do all of these incredible things with your life, to make an impact, live your passions, travel, love deeply, and do it from a place of alignment over fear. Your feminine heart is the key. She is your inner navigational system of guidance. And she is whispering. It’s time to let her speak. To truly hear her. And then give your fullest expression with inspired action.


She is the key to your dreams. Your relationships. Your health. Your purpose. Your weekend plans. Dance her into life. THIS is Embodied Leadership. It's time to surrender into the energy of love. 


This container is here to support you on that journey. 

Investment Options

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8 week Academy with full program content, PDFs, group calls, & community 




8week Academy with full program content, PDFs, group calls, & community 


1 Liberated Leadership Deep Dive




8 week Academy with full program content, PDFs, group calls, & community 


4 day / 3 night Retreat in Tulum this December, 2021

Choose which option best suits you on the application document

Above All, Listen To Your Intuition.

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Zanny Anderson, Mental Health Counselor & Healer

Chelsae is an absolutely amazing coach.  I learned so much about myself and my business. I now recognize my offering is needed and valued. I never had the self confidence to truly feel like I could teach Reiki or start my own business but she really helped me reach my potential. 



Elise Akin, Founder of

Bake and Skate

Chelsae's program has brought me together with such incredible and talented ladies who continue to help me grow in my business and into a better, more creative version of myself. So incredibly grateful for what this Tribe is doing together. 


Vanessa Alvarez, Founder of Voyage Hair Spa

Chelsae is an intelligent, positive, action-oriented, loving person. She helped me put together an action plan over the span of one hour- something I couldn’t do for myself in 6 months! Recommended to all my friends looking to unleash their souls true calling and live up to their best potential.

For those wanting an in person truly life changing experience...

Shambala Retreat3.jpeg

Wildly Woven Retreat
Tulum, Mexico

Explore the depths of your heart and open to deeper states of love, becoming a magnetic force of nature through tantra, authentic relating, vulnerability circles, embodiment practices, wild woman rituals, breathwork, yoga and more. 



I'm Chelsae.

I am an Embodied Leadership Coach & Soulful Business Mentor who specializes in transforming leaders around purpose, power, and prosperity. I coach both men and women through my Embodied Leadership Academy to create massive impact in the world stemming from a place of true self confidence, self worth, and authentic expression. 

After years at IBM working as a product manager, feeling trapped inside golden handcuffs, I took the leap and created my dream life from the ground up.


I am the founder of REWILD Worldwide, a movement that exists to restore & REWILD humanity back to its wild nature, The Art of Relating, a workshop series designed for those wanting deeper authentic connection in relationships, & Chrysalis, a space for transformation that focuses on creating connection through vulnerability.

Mainly, I help people remember their WILD. 



All areas of your life align when you follow your intuition & start walking down the path to your destiny. For those of you who are bold and ready to take the leap, know you are ready for a life change, click here to start the process.