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Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come alive.

~Howard Thurman

Coach. Event Curator. Lightworker. 

Paintings by Filippa Levemark

Atlanta, GA


 Full Moon Party of Celebration, Exploration and Healing 

Awaken creativity & revelation. Unleash your spirit. Freely & authentically express yourself. Nourished by the energy of dance, cultivate a deep relationship with your body and with others. Our own body intelligence gives way to intuitive healing, awakening, and self-awareness.

Starting with a cacao ceremony, we will be guided through a multi-dimensional journey that incorporates elements that raise our vibration energy and expand connection. We allow the organic spiraling wave of body, breath, & sound to merge as we dance to tribal EDM beats from our local DJ. As the night closes a healing wave of sound restores us to our original condition of union with self.

Cacao has been used as a sacred medicine for thousands of years. Known as the food of the gods, it provides a heart opening experience that will get you deeply in touch with your body and enliven your senses. We will drink a very special cacao sourced locally and mixed mindfully with herbs and spices. The chocolate drink will be divine nectar for you to savor and enjoy. With the ceremonial space invoked and the cacao spirit with us: We dance!

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation that frees the most authentic dance within you, generating magic, unity and transformational energy. We start with simple warm-up exercises meant to get our bodies moving, help us feel familiar within the space and with each other and prepare us for the dance journey.

For 1.5 hours, our DJ will create waves of slow and rapid music, guiding the dancers through different intensities. You can dance as you wish, alone or with others, big or small, lying on the floor or jumping in the air. Ecstatic Dance welcomes everyone and everything. We wish to create a safe container where you can feel free to express whatever comes up when you shake up your cells.



7:00PM Acro Yoga & Tribal Paint
7:30PM Cacao Ceremony
8:00PM Ecstatic Dance
9:30PM Sound Meditation
10:00PM Closing Ceremony

Pre-sale tickets are only $35.
Ticket price at the Door $50.


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