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Awaken Her

She is waiting for you to listen

To know her voice

To feel her energy

To ignite in her power

She is your greatest power


Release her from the unnecessary limitations you are placing on her

From the fear and doubt

From the expectations of everyone around you


This is for you. This is the only life you have. Do you want to spend it living around someone else’s image of what it should look like?


Your soul came here for a reason. You have such unique gifts overflowing the box ready to open

Connect with the feminine energy of who she is
Embody her being

Surrender to her calling, her mission

Allow her to come to you naturally

— Name, Title


Experience It

Each day includes energizing yoga, healthy organic meals, workshops, local adventures and time for you to relax and reflect. 

  • Accommodations at Villa

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Daily private yoga and meditation practice

  • Daily coaching workshops

  • Inner self sessions

  • Free time for adventures in one of the most beautiful places in the world

  • Late night events including ecstatic dance, tribal music, and ceremonies

& Much More

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Chelsae Zirna

Retreat Lead, Coach, Founder

Chelsae is the founder of New Earth Rising. She spent years in corporate marketing and product development before becoming a a coach, conscious event creator, and community builder.


Filippa Levemark

Co-Lead, Consciousness Coach, Artist

Filippa is a painter, a clarity coach, a reiki healer, a certified yoga instructor, an acro yogi, and an ecstatic dancer living in the feminine flow of life.

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