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Embodied Leadership Guide for the New Paradigm

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Discover Your Leadership Archetype

Take the quiz & discover the inner template to your soulcology, core leadership style, and true north. Tune into your strengths, weaknesses, wounding, & gifts, in order to step into more authentic leadership. 



I'm Chelsae.

I am an Embodied Leadership Coach who specializes in transforming leaders around purpose and inner power, from a place of unapologetic authentic expression. I specialize in Somatics, Sovereignty & Temple Arts. 


I am the CEO & founder of Chrysalis, a transformation based coaching company that focuses on Rite of Passage journeys through 7 Stages of Transformation through festivals, courses and retreats.

"Society no longer knows what it means to be present, sensory, or intuitive. It has been repressed and devalued for so long that we are living in a state of imbalance. There is a calling to help the world population integrate. Where the ego relaxes into trust and safety. Where we operate from a place of presence and attuned consciousness. This is where infinite possibility exists." - Chelsae Zirna


What I Do.

I'm Here For You.


Leading You Home.


Enjoy your weekly dose of vulnerable stories from thought leaders, best selling authors, coaches, and speakers living meaningful lives & getting in touch with the deepest parts of the human experience.

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Tulum, Mexico

Explore the depths of your heart and open to deeper states of love, becoming a magnetic force of nature through tantric arts, embodiment practices, wild woman rituals, breathwork, yoga and more. 

Amplify your leadership in our Free 5 Module Empress Temple Online Immersion

For a deeper dive, join Empress Codes and learn the 13 Codes of the Empress to expand into your greatest leadership potential with 7 Master Coaches supporting your growth.

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Join a FREE 5 Day Masterclass Series:
Empress Codes


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Start Your Journey
with Chrysalis

Join a transformational community designed for personal growth & learn from over 200 of the world's most impactful leaders. Attend our online festivals, masterminds, retreats & our free Chrysalis membership.

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Download Your Free  Embodied Leadership Guide

You can make an impact on this world uniquely, based on your own definition of success. You don't have to do it alone. When passion filled purpose driven creatives come together, energy skyrockets, flow states deepen, souls transform, and self expression becomes unapologetically authentic. Get started with my guide.


Debra Mazer,
Raw Food Chef & Life Coach

What She Says >


Even though Chelsae is a generation younger than me, she has a brilliant business sense, visionary mind, and she truly gets me and believes in me.  This last piece is priceless.  I've had so many business coaches try to sell me on their program, and I felt like just a number.  Chelsae pours her heart and soul into our sessions together. Chelsae is an angel in my life, I am glad to call her my sister, my community member, my coach, and my friend.  

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You weave your words with matter and create reality as you speak. Every time you open your microphone, I feel myself stopping to listen because it's so real and so powerful. As I went through your program, I am finding a new sense of safeness in myself and I really feel like I am finally stepping into my Empress.

Izadora Maia

What She Says >

Megan Ratts,
Corporate America

What She Says >

Megan Ratts_edited.jpg

You have a way of making people feel seen within your own experience. You fully see every single person you come into contact with. You make me love myself in ways I didn't know was possible. Every time I think of a role model, it always comes back to you Chelsae. I came into this hardened and by the end of this, I am fully taking up space and feel empowered to be the person I want to be.

Gina Maffei,
Vocal Alchemist

What She Says >

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.46.59 PM.png

I can't believe all of the things I worked through in 6 weeks. I have dissolved the last bit of fear of being seen and heard that I have carried with me for 10 years. I feel so much safer to be myself. I am so grateful for this program for helping me deepen my self confidence, my self love, and my service to the world. 

Gui Perdrix,
Founder of Co-Liv

What He Says >


Chelsae is incredible at bringing the best out of people and at seeing where they have to go. Not only did she show me sides I didn't know about myself, but helped me realize my true purpose and role in the professional world. Chelsae, simply - thank you!

David Brown,
CEO StayATL & Marketer X3 Sports

What He Says >


I truly have the BEST Life Coach in the World! She radiates happiness, positivity, strength, style, success, capacity, desire and vision! The knowledge she has already bestowed upon me is invaluable! Thank you sooo much for being one of the best humans I've had the honor and pleasure of ever knowing. I can't wait for what we have in store!

Zanny Anderson,
Mental Health Counselor & Healer

What She Says >


I joined Chelsae's Soulpreneur Mastermind and she is an absolutely amazing business coach.  I learned so much about myself and my business. I now recognize my offering is needed and valued. I never had the self confidence to truly feel like I could teach Reiki or start my own business but she really helped me reach my potential. 

Will Michael,
Founder, Blissful Music Organization

What He Says >


As a veteran of over 50 years of transformation work, I have to say, of all the consciousness events with numerous experts in the field, your CAREona Fest line-up was one of the best, if not the best, I've experienced so far. I was sincerely impressed and inspired by so many young people leading the way in this deep and important soul work for the planet.

Brandon Labella,
Mental Health Startup Founder

What He Says >


Chelsae used her positive growth mindset to create a global consciousness festival worldwide which was a hit for thousands. She has planted a seed of consciousness, awareness and energy flow. I am beyond grateful for spiritual leaders such as Chelsae, who create safe, open spaces to bring the world together. 



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