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Deepen your authentic expression, cultivate unshakeable trust in your body, stand in your power, and embody the codes of the Empress in 9 weeks.

Exceptional leadership is birthed from surrendered self trust, where vision and purpose move through you, beyond the constraints of the mind. It's time to move through the 3 stages of the Empress into Embodied Leadership.

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“Good God woman, we need you creating. Because a woman who creates is a woman who feels and a woman who feels is a woman who moves and a woman who moves? Well she changes this damn world just by existing.”

- Brooke Solis

What Clients Say


Hello Empress,

Chances are, if you are here right now reading this, you are a powerful woman with an incredible capacity to create. You may even have this innate sense that you've been chosen to be born at this exact moment in time to make a change in the world and do something really big. You are an Empress. I truly see you. 

You are diving into your career and making it happen, yet it’s at the expense of your joy and freedom. You feel this tug inside and maybe a small part of you knows there is more. Deep down you know a massive shift is coming. 

Instead of feeling free, you’re feeling dimmed and caged, knowing there is this incredible potential inside of you that isn't being activated. You can FEEL that you are meant for more, but you can't quite see it. And the fear of the unknown is keeping you stuck. That voice inside is so faint and the opinions of everyone else are drowning out your own. And on top of it all you are doing personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts, but wondering why it still feels the same.

Along every person's growth journey, we reach this place. You have not failed, you are not trapped, and nothing is wrong with you... you are simply unembodied. You are still hiding from your power. But you can't hide forever. And this feeling won't stop until you start leaning into what is asking from you. 


The body is our access point to the feminine. As we root, we rise. Our collective feminine has been dimmed across the planet and her wildness has been tamed. You've reach the point in your journey where the pathway to embodiment is essential. It's time to reconnect to the body and liberate your expression in this world. This is your pathway home to truth.

As your heart and mind align, infinite potential activates. Your ability to access and use that potential is purely based on your own belief in yourself... And your belief in yourself amplifies when you are deeply connected to the body. This has been my greatest tool towards self empowerment. The process of reawakening the relationship to the body and tapping into intuitive truths. From that place, you can do anything. You become infinite. And your capacity to create expands. 

It's not a coincidence that you came across this page. Just by being here you are on the right path. Your soul is ready for the next level. You are being activated into what you came here for. SHE is ready.

She has been waiting for you to see her, to listen to her, to feel her. She wants you to know the sound of her whisper, to feel the pull of intuition, to ignite her radiant power. She will set you free. Once you trust her.


The Embodied Empress is a program for reclaiming your inner Empress through the path of self empowerment and embodied wisdom. If you are craving is a guide who truly has been there and a community of women who are expanding in the same way you are, you've found your home.

Thank you for being here.



Feeling so safe and comfortable in your body that you completely trust your inner temple and allow your natural intuitive guidance system to direct your life?

Feeling so free in your body that creativity and life force energy moves effortlessly with zero resistance?

Feeling so naturally able to take up space with your breath and your movement that your business and your relationships expand into the new spaciousness you've created?


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My Truth 

Before age 25, I feared dancing in public by myself. I feared being seen. I feared taking risks. I was living in the shadow of my friends and preferred to watch the excitement verses create it. I wasn't in tune with my intuition and my breath held a lot of tension. I wasn't allowing myself to truly express. And I had no idea what it meant to be fully expressed or how it impacted me. I also had no idea how shifting the way I expressed my energy could impact the way I made decisions and took risks in life. 

And then one day, I did something wild. I was at Mindvalley, a personal growth event, and the dance floor was empty. I had been going around the room asking each women how she connects to her feminine energy. One woman took my hands without a word and brought me onto the dance floor. She told me to start breathing in through my root and closed her eyes and went wild with her body. I followed suit, without thinking.  I felt this sense of freedom consume my body and a state of bliss invigorate my system. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later, the entire dance floor was filled with  people and she said, "this is the power of the feminine. She follows her heart and magnetizes. She doesn't move for others, she moves as she feels moved." And from that point on I knew this was my path. I had anchored the pathway to freedom for myself. I went on to host ecstatic dances all over the world as I dove into the world of embodiment. 

My life's work is to bring this natural radiance out of women and to give Her the safety to be seen for her full expression, free from her shadow. 

The Embodied Empress is a
safe container to unleash the wild feminine. A space to grow. And a structure to evolve. A woman who is courageous, sovereign, purposeful, open in her heart, and is able to articulate her honest truth, can create worlds. I am here as the expander and facilitator leading you home to your 
divine feminine Empress nature. ​


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If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're ready to go all in with yourself. You're ready for a major shift. 

You want to do all of these incredible things with your life, to make an impact, live your passions, travel, love deeply, and do it from a place of alignment over fear. Your feminine heart is the key. She is your inner navigational system of guidance. And she is whispering. It’s time to let her speak. To truly hear her. And then give your fullest expression with inspired action.


She is the key to your dreams. Your relationships. Your health. Your purpose. Your weekend plans. Dance her into life. THIS is Embodied Leadership. It's time to surrender into the energy of love. 


This container is here to support you on that journey. 

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Fill out the application below and let's chat


Wild Heart Retreat
Atlanta, GA - June 2022

Want to end this experience in ultimate fulfillment? Explore the depths of your heart and open to deeper states of love, becoming a magnetic force of nature through tantra, embodiment practices, and coed connection practices.


Client Love

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I'm Chelsae.

I am an Embodied Leadership Coach who specializes in transforming women around purpose, power, and prosperity from a place of unapologetic authentic expression. 

After years at IBM working as a product manager, feeling trapped inside golden handcuffs, I took the leap and created my dream life from the ground up.

Mainly, I help people remember their WILD. 

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All areas of your life align when you follow your intuition & start walking down the path to your destiny. For those of you who are bold and ready to take the leap, & know you are ready for a life change, register here.

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