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Tribe 29 mastermind

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_BOLD doesn't have to mean fearless_ .__

This is for the passionate woman who is inspired to powerfully shape this world, to be a leader in her unique way, to cultivate her gifts, and be supported by a collective sisterhood where we rise together in strength, divine feminine power, and truth. She either has her own business or is transitioning into starting her own business and is dedicated to fulfilling her mission over the duration of the mastermind.


Our Mastermind can support you in feeling wonderfully connected & empowered to take bold, passionate and consistent impactful actions towards your dreams.

We meet online weekly to bounce ideas, brainstorm, create new projects or improve old ones, form dream teams, create synergy, support, learn and empower each other. Through our combined mind power and network we help each other live on purpose to reach our highest goals.

We are a powerhouse sisterhood who came together with the same mission of empowering the evolution of feminism and who have dreams of changing the world. We all have the same need. We experienced lack of support and connection through our own entrepreneurial journeys and came together to create what we so greatly desired in our own lives. We know how hard it can be to find your tribe. Here we love and support each other fiercely. 


Join a community of extraordinary women coming together to connect, grow, and support one another through their entrepreneurial journeys. Once accepted, you will have access to weekly virtual meetings, in person events, and retreats around the world. Our Facebook group connects women with your interests and your challenges in support each other's endeavors.


We host virtual and local events in Atlanta to connect our Tribe and help women tap into their divine navigation system of intuition. There is an opportunity to travel and experience transformation together. 

*If you are a coach interested in speaking, feel free to reach out

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Support. Authenticity. Empowerment.

Think of the top 5 friends in your life? How empowering are they to your dreams? Do they know your desires? Do they encourage you? Do they coach you?  

Choose to hang out with people who maximize what you are optimizing for in life. If you desire to party every weekend, find the best damn party animals you can that love and support you in that. If you desire to start a business, find a group of people who constantly encourage you in that mission.

This is a safe, confidential, and supportive nest designed for you to be seen and celebrated as the woman you have become, and empowered to step into the woman you desire to be. You are here for a reason and it is time to make the impact you desire. Surround yourself with like minded women and move forward faster with greater awareness. The growth of a business is determined by the growth of its leader.

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Your Journey Starts Here

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