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Conversations with God

I see the lessons. I hear them. I feel them.

My conversation with God became so intimate that I detached from my human self and sat at the head of the table, remembering that I was God experiencing itself in human form, creating this experience for my own growth. As we all are. And from that place, there was no being upset with the other. It was truly merely about my own growth. We are a character in this game we chose to play and so are they.

In a way, I have mastered one karmic lesson. And I am moving into another. I feel it completely. It has been an initiation over a period of months or even years.

To my inner child: 😘 You did a GREAT job little one. I honor your process.🕊

We are all growing at our own pace. No one’s journey is better than another’s and all that we CAN control is the level of devotion to the journey.

Our level of devotion shifts the timeline of our growth in this 3D reality. Sometimes we find ourselves falling back in patterns. And that’s okay. Yet the cycles get shorter and shorter as we learn the rules of the game.

It almost as if at some point in this experience, we recognize that they player of the game and the one controlling the buttons are working together as one in the same and we become spiritual ninjas, devoted to mastering this dimensional reality. We snap out of the human conflict and lean into our own role of our given reality. The game becomes a curious mystery, finding truth with detachment to a right or wrong.

Mercury retrograde. You got me again.

Grateful for this human experience.



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