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The stronger you can get in your no, the louder you can get in your hell yes.

So many of my clients say that growing up their needs weren’t met and one day it became easier to not have needs than to continuously have them unmet.

Over time, their lack of having any sort of strong desires diminished and eventually the Yesses became a little quieter.

The quiet yes mirrored a quiet no and boundaries came down, until they were a mere shell of what they knew they could be. Playing small was the new norm. A pendulum swing from one small yes to one small no.

There is something major that happens when we shift our pendulum swing from mini yes/no to large full body yes to full body no. Our decisions refine, our certainly becomes unwavering, and our playing field expands.

This is what it means to live fully expressed. If your inner lion is seeking expansion this Leo season, tune into your full body yes and full body no and see where your day takes you. Let this be the beginning of a shift from your shell.


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