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Dream A Beautiful Dream.

The Equinox. The Full Moon in Pisces. The Harvest Moon. The Moon of Dreams Coming True.

This is a time where we see our long term endeavors, dreams, relationships and work to come to LIFE. Pisces is the watery dreamer and balances out our grounded Earthly Virgo season. This is a time to dream and envision what you want for the future.

So what do you truly want?

When you really listen...

When you take a shovel to the dirt and go beyond the fear, what lives there….

What is so naturally underneath the surface it is almost bursting out in every moment?

For most people, it’s not so blatant or prominent.

It’s a whisper.

A shy hidden voice that isn’t quite sure if it’s allowed to dream so big.

That voice so naturally wants to sing out in joy

And the universe so deeply wants to grant you the wish you truly want.

Even as you push it away.

It wants you just as much as you want it.

So on this full moon, let your wishes be heard.

Let your dreams run wild.

This is a time to set long term visions.

I see a world where we are all living in community.

Taking care of each other.

In nature, away from big cities.

Building families and supporting one another in harmony.

Growing our own food with our own water supply, sustainably sovereign.

I see a world where our children learn online in schools and meet in the community to learn emotional intelligence and create art projects.

Where Burning Man becomes Rising Woman.

Where a feminine economy takes shape and collaboration replaces competition.

Where crypto and defi currency takes shape and gives our planet balance.

Where we don’t continuously go to war to fund national debt but instead live in harmony as an ecosystem.

Where people have the freedom to live in places they choose, without getting fined for leaving a 5 mile radius (looking at you AUS)

Maybe this will start on a small scale in different places throughout the world.

Maybe this will spread faster than I can even imagine.

But this is 100% happening.

It has already happened.

I guess I am not meant to be normal in this lifetime.

I have no desire for normal.

Here’s to weirdness.

With a howl at the moon 🌝 🐺

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