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How Sisterhood Sweatshirts Led Me to Build Communities All Over the World

When I was a kid, my mom would bring me to her yearly reunion with her 10 best friends from high school who lived all across the country. They would wear their matching sweatshirts with their 10 faces in cartoon form and reconnect, as the kids jumped in the pool.

They were best friends all throughout high school and some even went to college together. It was a bond I thought everyone had. And something I craved in my own life more than anything. I would walk into my mom's closet and stare at her sweatshirts hoping for my group to come along and so we could make our own.

Yet as I went through middle school, I went through phases of self confidence issues and with that, phases of friend groups… and as I reached high school… I realized that my sweatshirt fantasy was becoming a cliquey girl gang manifestation that didn’t seem to have the same feeling. I moved across the country for college and every year continued to form possible sweatshirt groups through greek life, athletics, and academic clubs. I came to terms with the fact that I really enjoyed a transient life filled with people who loved exploring… and let go of the sweatshirt dream.

Having sisterhood has always been the strongest desire in my life. Although I never found those 10 girls to travel across the world with every year in reunion, I learned something really important.

💕I learned how to build community in every city I have traveled to in a really powerful way.

💕I learned to love without attachment and prioritize growth over the desire to hold onto people forever.

💕I learned that my tendency towards transformation sometimes means that I will be a completely different person year and year and my desires shift.

I will always crave sisterhood deeply. It’s part of my nature.

👑 Photo from our Wild Heart Retreat @holistic_hunni



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