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{⁣I found the greatest gift of all: self acceptance}

When I stepped into my path, everything changed. I stopped going to bars and doing things that didn’t fulfill me. I found deep community among a group that was going after the same question in life as I was. ⁣

I found that everything I was interested in wasn’t weird at all. In fact it was the opposite. It became acceptable to be who I was and I was finally able to dive into it without holding back. I was able to see that NO this is totally acceptable to be like this. It is perfectly okay to love astrology, nomadic living, and psychology. That coaching is possible to do at 26 years old. ⁣

I found my voice in a world filled with clutter. I started stepping into my power while sharing it with a higher power. I started learning about authentic relating, true relationship building, holding space. ⁣

I started developing my own self awareness from a soul perspective, outside of the knowingness of my own mind. Started questioning my beliefs and conditioning. I started opening myself up to greater possibilities and felt freedom from the expectation that was chaining me down into the linear path. I was free from needing to buy a house by age 30. I was free from needing to have 100K in my retirement by 32. I was free from needing to be married by 33. I was free from the box. I didn’t want the box. I didn't need to fear the unknown as much as I had been conditioned to. ⁣

My soul wanted to travel, to live my one life with as much experience as possible, to explore the depth of my true being, to start a business in another country, to love a partner fully without the expectation of marriage, to dive into a career i thought i was too young for in 2011, to inexperienced for in 2014, too fearful to do in 2017. And so ready to in 2018. ⁣

And so I did. And in doing so, I found that my existence never lied in the amount of 401k retirement savings I had. The value of my assets... LOL. This was a phase of self discovery. Discovery I didn't know I needed. I had the perfect plan laid out on paper at 22... LOL. This was a journey of depth. And this journey is now a trajectory that I never want to step away from. ⁣



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