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Lead with vulnerability

I am sitting in Peru in between these two mountains. Writing. Digesting the events of the past year or so and really sitting with what happened.

I am feeling the world start to turn again, restrictions being lifted, gatherings starting back up, but I am gracefully asking the question… what the fuck just happened? I am curiously looking at how different countries and people handled the situation. Which countries set the standards, which countries reacted with different degrees of intensity, and how people responded.

I am looking at the impact it had; there were a lot of people who thrived during the year and a lot who did the opposite. Some became crypto millionaires overnight. Others went out of business. And as I sit here, I am feeling into what this all meant for me on a large scale. Who was I surrendering control to? Who was I trusting to make decisions and with what consciousness were they being made?

Quite early on, I came to the conclusion that this was all meant to be from a spiritual evolution perspective, but from the human level, it became overwhelmingly clear what I actually care about most in this world and what lights a fire inside is damn good Leadership.

I am feeling the heartbeat of the world, with all of its walls. The masks. The boundaries. The fear. The seclusion. And to me, our countries are a macrocosmic expression of what people, as a baseline, feel inside. Walled, boundaried, and scared.

I am so beyond committed to creating a world where its a standard to lead with vulnerability, where emotional intelligence is highly valued, where people listen beyond the words being said, where authenticity and transparency trump egoic power trips. And where connection is our birthright. I am choosing to live in a world where people make decisions with consciousness and self awareness. Where WILD embodied living is our natural state of being.

There is a 🔥 burning inside. A 🔥 for change.



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