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Leadership Archetypes Part 2

As we deepen our understanding on the full spectrum of leadership, we start to expand our capacity to lead ourselves and others with more awareness.

The Heart Centered Leader

If you are the Heart Centered Leader, you are ALL about compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. You do well in a role where your presence makes you feel loved.

You are an incredible speaker because you understand human emotion and acceptance which is what moves people into action! You are likely to bring out the best in others and remind them of their WHY.

The light: people take action based on emotion and this leader's greatest gift is emotional connection. They are the most accepting of themselves and others and create truthful vulnerability among teams.

The shadow: Their emotions can cloud their judgment, making it hard for them to make business decisions, taking things personally. They could serve with better boundaries.

These leaders would best thrive around warrior leaders and wise leaders to anchor emotions into physical reality.

The Creatrix

If you are the Creatrix, you are ALL about creative expression and visioning. You find yourself giving voice to your ideas and you easily bring them into form.

You are expected to bring ideas and plans to life. You are an idea generator and you bring creativity and life to the table. You are innovative and valued for your brainstorming abilities and can make things happen.

The light: these leaders are endless supplies of ideas and visions. They can take any idea and amplify it.

The shadow: They sometimes keep their ideas in ideation stage and they aren't always the people to take ideas and bring them to life. They sometimes struggle with game plans.

They would do great working with the warrior leader to bring things into action.

The Wise Leader

This archetype is underrated. It causes quite a struggle for women to embrace this part of themselves, as it is often correlated to age.

If this is you, you see the big picture, you value expertise and knowledge, you pride yourself on being logical and level headed. Both your intuition and your life experience is your guide. You are great at creating long term plans and seeing the full picture.

The light: these leaders are experienced and have lived many lifetimes with a wealth of information.

The shadow: taking things too seriously

These leaders would work well with the vulnerable leader to bring more liveliness to projects. They are a great support to most of the other styles.

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