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Magnetic Heart

During my plant medicine retreat, I was shown the gift of pure radiant love fully sourced from inside myself. I felt this massive rush of healing energy flood my body and I felt the most powerful love emanating from my chest. I was shown life through my parents eyes and compassion flooded my body. It was the exact healing I didn’t even know I needed.

Post retreat, I started to feel magnetic, like I had somehow supercharged my heart to this magnet-like quality. My joy was so high, it felt like I was a walking refrigerator with an antenna connected to the top of it getting filled with an abundance of fruits. For 2 months straight I felt continuously connected to source energy, in complete harmony. This massive Ah-Ha moment washed over me, like I finally stopped missing the point. This was the key. It was my deepest realization to date. The heart is our key to this world.

Before this, I was experiencing liberation without fully feeling the fullness of my heart — the gateway to the feminine. I look at all the ways I went about trying to build trust and surrender with money, recognition, and all the things. And in one moment, it clicked. I was shown the gateway to a level I never truly understood or felt before.

I saw the shadow of the wild woman — my pure independence, shining through and blocking my connection to love. And I saw the connection point of community bringing it all back home.

It felt as if I was sending out my hearts longing to my environment over a loud speaker. And I realized we all hold this magnetic force inside through the feminine heart. Rather than “manifest” through thought, (the masculine), we have the power to create, through the magnetic force of the heart (the feminine).

I felt so called to teach this that I started hosting Temple of Connection nights on my rooftop and now I have the pleasure of hosting a full weekend of magic at our Wild Heart retreat at @eco.kumal - a magical treehouse community in the jungles of tulum alongside @holistic_hunni.

I can’t wait to be with sisterhood and deepen the magic of the feminine heart 🌹♥️🕊🪶



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