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The ceremony begins when the ceremony ends.

The ceremony begins when the ceremony ends.

I feel so much peace in my nervous system. It feels more like a calm system than a nervous system. I love these moments where I fully come home to myself. Where I feel the oneness of life without trying.

I spent a week “shadow hunting” at the tantra training. Instead of falling into patterns, we were encouraged to rise above our patterns and become the observers of our reality, shattering outdated versions of ourselves.

It felt like spiritual warrior training, stepping into raw courage, battling our fears with love, acknowledging our shadow until they turned to pure bliss and integration. It’s how war would feel if it were fought with love.

The more I allowed her to be who she wanted to be, the more freedom I felt.

The more naked, raw, real, transparent, the more I loved her. The more I accepted her. The more I trusted her.

The synchronicities expanded exponentially painting yellow bricks along its path as my heart relaxed into a trusting surrender, opening safely to its truest longing.

Decisions became clear and challenges showed their purpose.

I was humbled back to my center through uncontrolled chaos. I tapped into an unshakable power generated with every inhale.

And the key was sovereignty. Fully owning my yes and my no. Fully taking responsibility for what was mine and mine only. Leaning into my heart’s desires unapologetically, trusting my personal agreements to carry me into safety. Guided by a boundariless existence of purity of heart and oneness with all. This is the pathway to liberation. Gene Key 55. This is the gateway to the next dimension of reality. Where freedom is 100% internal.



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