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The Creation Matrix

There is a massive calling right now for lightworkers, healers, coaches, and conscious creatives to create in this world. This is what we have been training for. All of the vippasanas, the ice baths, the cave fasting, the jungles, the ceremonies… we are reaching a pivotal point in history where this work is going to be received more than ever as we raise in consciousness as a planet together.

The way to turn potential energy into kinetic energy is with an impetus, creating some momentum. The fuse has been lit and we’ve seen the first of what is to come. We are now being asked to master our energy flow for aligned creation.

How do we master energy flow?

We understand energy dynamics and play to our most natural creation cycles. This is where the feminine and masculine comes into play. The WHAT and the HOW. The vision and the action.

Introducing: The Creation Matrix.

I created this model in September and have been honing it and putting structure around it ever since. I created a “soulcology” around it, studying the components of the soul. By knowing your energetic blueprint, you can master your core personality, your north node, your strengths, weaknesses, most activated chakra, shadows and gifts, and with this model, you can understand how you best create in the world.

And let’s be real. We are all here to Love, Create, & Evolve.

The Creation Matrix includes 4 main archetypes:





The Commander leads with the masculine energy in an action oriented manner. This person is a leader with a lot of structure and drive. They prioritize results over all and their shadow is letting go of their health and relationships.

The Creatrix leads with the feminine energy in an action oriented manner. This person takes consistent inspired action. They prioritize flow over all and their shadow is maintaining integrity with time and commitments.

The Facilitator is leads with masculine energy in a passive manner. They are most likely to facilitate discussions and logically organize people and things. They prioritize holding space for others and their main shadow is not stepping into their own leadership.

The Attractor leads with feminine energy in a passive manner. This person attracts energy like a magnet, as they lead with abundance, sensuality and creativity. They prioritize flow over all and their shadow is being overwhelmed by lack of structure.

We have a little bit of each of these within us but we generally have one predominant archetype over the rest.

Which one are you?

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