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The wild run down of who I am & what I am about

The wild run down of who I am & what I am about 🤍

You’ve probably seen me dancing around South America with my best friend Meggan, wearing my favorite red. In honor of the summer solstice, here is my light☀️.

I’m Chelsae ☀️♡

I’m an ENFJ, a Gemini, a 3/5 generator

But really, I’m just a girl from Buffalo with a deep curiosity for exploring truth, telling stories, & getting real.

🦋 I’m host of Chrysalis’s Emergence Festivals

🎤 Host of the Chelsae Zirna Podcast

🌎Co-Creator of REWILD Events & Wildly Woven Retreats

💃🏻And I have a mission of Rewilding the feminine energy back into balance.

I help people access their intuition, purpose, and power through remembering their inner wild.

I also work with coaches and healers to create and market themselves in business.

For Everyone:

⟁ Purpose & Empowerment Coaching

⟁ Rewilding Programs

⟁ Authentic Relating Workshops

⟁ Embodiment Sessions

⟁ Ecstatic Dance Temples

⟁ Divine Feminine Leadership Talks

For Coaches:

⟁ Clarity & Direction

⟁ Branding

⟁ Messaging

⟁ Content Strategy

⟁ Marketing

⟁ Program Creation

⟁ Sales

⟁ Social Media

What I offer:

⟁ Group Online Coaching

⟁ In-Person Retreats

⟁ Private 1:1 Coaching

⟁ Workshops

⟁ Online Festivals

The Wild:

⟁ From Buffalo, NY ❄️

⟁ Living in Tulum. MX 🌴

⟁ Graduate of University of Georgia

⟁ Worked for IBM’s Creative Agency for 4 years doing design thinking & product management

⟁ Lived in Atlanta, Bali, Guatemala, Peru, Tulum 🌍

⟁ Love wearing red and being a tree

⟁ Spirit Animals: Hawk, Tiger 🐅

⟁ Prefer a wild, naked, liberated existence

Your turn. I would love to know more about you.😘



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