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Your Permission Slip

There is a domino affect that happens when we finally lean into our truth and express who we are unapologetically.

If you want to manifest your dream relationship, get promoted in your job, find the job that makes you happy, have the community that makes you feel good, AND be happy doing it, it takes not only self awareness, but the ability to be show up fully as yourself.

This may sound scary to some and natural to others.

For me, I used to think I was fully myself but when I went to the dance floor, I would look around to see what others were doing before dancing.

I used to to think I was fully myself but before taking a photo, I would spend 10 minutes redoing my makeup in the mirror.

I used to think I was fully myself, but before sending that text to the guy I liked, I would have my friends read it first.

None of these things are wrong or bad at their core. But for me, these were signs that I was putting my trust and responsibility outside of myself and not fully believing that I would be loved for my raw expression. My dancing was too much, my makeup wasn’t even, the text was too vulnerable and not detached enough…

Imagine walking into a restaurant and feeling the music and dancing like no one was watching just because it felt good? Imagine sending a text that was so vulnerable, it didn’t matter what the response back was because you felt totally happy with the courage it took to send? Imagine taking an IG video without needing to even wear makeup?

Where in your life do you feel like you are too much or not enough? Where do you hide your truth under what feels culturally acceptable?

This is a permission slip for you. Respond below with a rose if you resonate.



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